New! Situational Performance Ownership Digital Blended Public Workshops

The Situational Performance Ownership™ digital blended public workshop is a three-week, modern learning experience that offers paced learning, opportunities for discussion, hands-on activities, case study practice and two live sessions with a Situational Leadership®-certified facilitator. The content correlates to each step of the Performance Ownership Process™, which parallels the Situational Leadership® methodology from the performer’s lens. The training’s social and collaborative format allows participants to learn from and inspire each other as they progress through the course.

The downloadable participant materials, Performance Conversation Guide and session handouts provide valuable takeaway pieces for post-course reflection and practice.

Below is our schedule of all upcoming Situational Performance Ownership™ digital blended public workshops. Registration closes one week prior to the start date.

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October 30-November 17, 2023
New! Situational Performance Ownership October 30-November 17, 2023 Digital Blended
New Modality! Digital Blended