Leading With DiSC® Public Workshops




Become a Situational Leader and leverage the power of DiSC®. 

The Leading With DiSC® Virtual public workshop is bundled with Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Online to combine the power of the Situational Leadership® approach with the knowledge of how to advance leaders’ ability to influence others through their behavioral styles and preferences. 

After completing Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Online, attendees will learn to leverage the power of DiSC® by taking Leading With DiSC® Virtual. This program integrates the application of the Everything DiSC® Management Model with the Situational Leadership® process and provides a learning experience that enables participants to advance their ability to influence others. Participants explore their personal Everything DiSC® Management profiles to discover how their priorities and preferences shape their behavior and develop an awareness and appreciation of other styles.  

By applying the synergies between DiSC® and the Situational Leadership® Model, participants learn how to accurately diagnose Performance Readiness® and adapt their approach based on their interpretation of the DiSC® styles of those they lead. Participants will also develop action plans designed to support successful communication and coaching interactions. 

Below is our schedule of all upcoming Leading With DiSC® Virtual public workshops. Registration closes two weeks prior to the start date. 

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